Artifact Speech Outline

Topics: Friendship, Dictionary, Webster's Dictionary Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: November 18, 2008
My Artifact: Starburst chain
General Purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: After listening to my presentation, my audience will know why friendship is important to me and some advantages and disadvantages of having 8 best friends.

Organizational Pattern:Categorical

I. Introduction
Nine girls, packed into a Chevy Malibu about to drive seven hours on a mini road trip to Minnesota for the annual Kappa Convention weekend. This trip was with me and eight of my best friends. According to Merriam- Webster Online dictionary at last accessed October 2, “Friend” means one attached to another by affection or esteem, one who is not hostile, or a favored companion. We all have or have had that other person or person who knows every detail about you, who stands behind you and supports you every step of the way, a best friend. According to the 2004 March 5th article in Gallup News Magazine, 73% of Americans have five or more close friends. I have eight; and we have known each other going on six years. After my speech I want you to understand to three different aspects on friendship. Today I’m going to cover three aspects on friendship, which are why friendship is important to me and the advantages and disadvantages of having eight best friends. II. Body

A. Why friendship is important to me
1. The eight of them have become like family. 2. Live happier, healthier, longer lives.
Now that we’ve talked about why friendship is important to me let’s talk about two advantages of having eight best friends. B.Advantages of having eight best friends.
1. There is always something to do.
2. There is always someone there for you. Someone you can trust. Now that we know two advantages about having eight best friends let’s talk about two disadvantages of having eight best friends. C.Two disadvantages of having eight best...

Cited: Carroll, Joseph. “Americas Satisfied With Number of Friends, Closeness of Friendship.”
Gallup 5 Mar 2004
“Friend.” Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2008. Merriam-Webster Online. October
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