Articles of Confederations Fails

Topics: United States, Massachusetts, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: June 18, 2013
In order for a country to work to its fullest potential, it needs a great government. This government needs to do three important tasks. It needs to set up laws, enforce the laws, and provide many different services. Also, it needs to make sure it brings everyone together. Finally, if the government has a problem it should be able to be fixed easily. When the 13 colonies had the Articles of Confederation it couldn’t do many of the things it was supposed to do, thus it failed as a government.

First, the Articles couldn’t fulfill the purposes of government like it was supposed to. They were supposed to set up many laws to keep the states and the country as a whole in order. They couldn’t do that; so instead the states made up their own rules and followed them. That also caused the states to become more independent. Also, since there were no laws, that means that the government couldn’t enforce any laws. Although, it could provide some services, but that was the only purpose the government could fulfill. Who wants a government that can’t do what it was meant to do? The Articles didn’t fulfill the purposes of government and that is why it failed as a government.

Next, a strong a government can bring it’s entire nation together, unlike the Articles of Confederation. Nobody in the states really liked or agreed with the Articles. The 13 different states started making up their own rules and just followed them. This caused separation between the states, which was not good in the least bit. In order to have a good country, it is much better if the government can unite everyone. The Articles of Confederations couldn’t bring it’s nation together, so it failed as a government.

Finally, the Articles couldn’t been fixed easily. It took all the 13 states to agree on something to be fixed within the Articles. If one state didn’t want a change it didn’t happen. That means that it would be very hard to fix anything with the government. The Articles could not fix itself for...
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