Articles of Confederation vs Constitution

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Articles of Confederation vs Constitution

The United States of America, a fascinating nation has definitely climbed a long path. For over 2 centuries, this nation flourished into the modern society that exists today. Although it wasn’t always like this, the people of this country had to overcome several obstacles and strenuous challenges. When the revolutionaries first gained Independence from Britain, they had no idea that their first form of government would trample and result in failure. It was called the Articles of Confederation. But, as history reveals, failure is the key to success. The Articles lacked several vital conditions which included separation of powers, taxation, unicameral government, unbalanced division of power between states and federal government, improper amending and much more. Thus resulting in what we have today, the Constitution. Significant changes in the Constitution that its predecessor didn’t acquire were 3 branches of government. The 3 consisted of a Legislative, Executive and Judicial branch while previously there was only a unicameral legislature. The Legislative branch now become bicameral and consisted of a house of representatives based on population and an equal number of senate which satisfied both large and small states. The Constitution then appointed the President and his cabinet to the Executive Branch where they vetoed or executed and enforced laws passed by the Legislature, whereas in the Articles enforcing the laws was a challenge and resulted in citizens not abiding by the law. Finally, the judicial branch otherwise known as the Supreme Court. This branch reviewed and interpreted laws passed by the legislative branch and decided if either branch’s action were unconstitutional. This had actually been established by Chief Justice John Marshall after the famous case of Marbury vs. Madison. Creating 3 branches allowed separating the powers and each branch checked...

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