Articles of Confederation: The Right and Wrong Way to Run the Government

Topics: United States, Articles of Confederation, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: October 31, 2011
The Articles Of Confederation
The system of national government provided by the Articles of Confederation had a number of flaws and was eventually discarded, however, it compiled a record of achievements over time. The Articles of Confederation helped the New World transition from colonies under British rule, through a revolution and into an independent government. Through the development of independence and a national government, the American Articles of Confederation put into place an ineffective government that consisted of a weak central government, due to the little power given to congress. The Articles were a huge example of what needed to be corrected in order to create the U.S. Constitution. Although the Articles of Confederation failed to separate power or create a strong central government, it allowed the New World to fight in the American Revolution and create the Great Land Ordinance. First, the failure to separate the powers in the AOC’s government resulted from there only being one house for the legislature. Second, the weakness in the central government was because the power rested with the state and its majority. Third, while congress couldn’t tax, make laws or regulate commerce, under the system of the AOC, it made it possible to raise, maintain and utilize the continental army for the American Revolution. After winning their independence of the New World, the Article’s Great Land Ordinance provided income from the sale of new land and federal support for the public education system. Finally, I believe even though the Articles achieved the Great Land Ordinance, the U.S. Constitution was formed to correct the problems of the AOC and it’s lack of power given to congress, resulting in competition between states along with their diplomatic issues. The system of federalism was the backbone of the US Constitution, intended to correct the system under the Articles of Confederation and implement the sharing of power between national and state...
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