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Topics: ABC World News, The Guardian, Infection Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Emily Hax
Alan Cumings
English 3200.8
September 30, 2014
ABC vs. The Guardian on Ebola Outbreak
The ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest outbreak of ebola ever recorded. The first documented infected area started in Guinea and now has spread from “Guinea to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Senegal and killed more than 2,000 people” (ABC) This is a strikingly scary topic in the news today due to the virus’s rapid infection rate and lack of a cure. “ABC World News,” and “The Guardian” both inform us of current infection rate statistics documented by the WHO (World Health Organization) and what countries are currently trying to help. This information is causing wide spread panic throughout the infected regions and the world it now. ABC’s headline, “WHO: Liberia Will See Thousands of New Ebola Cases,” leads the reader to believe that the article focuses only Liberia and how many Ebola cases have been documented there. However, it also discusses what the United States and Britain plan to do to help and what the current healthcare workers there think about that. “The Guardian’s” headline, “Ebola will infect thousands more people in Liberia within weeks, says WHO.” The article reports that the “UN agency says conventional measures to control deadly virus are not working, with patients overflowing new clinics.” “The Guardian’s” headline is a great action header that informs the reader what the article will be talking about. “The Guardian’s” headline delivers a far more alarming tone to it, revealing the uncontrolled state that this epidemic is really in. Both articles start out with very similar information. ABC’s article was focusing in on relaying information about the countries that were infected and how many treatment beds they had. ABC then goes on to discuss in detail what the United States will be sending over, for example a 25 bed facility for healthcare workers that have become infected. The Guardian’s Article goes into far more detail about...
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