Article Review on Organizational Change

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Article Review
Patrick St. Louis
July 22, 2015
Professor Martha Stanislas

Article Review
The article that is being reviewed is called " A Hidden Risk of Big Organizational Change." The article was written by Kevin Ready for Forbes magazine. In this article Ready explains that organizations need major organizational changes from time to time due to changes in the market, mergers, and or not meeting their objectives. Change always comes with certain risks; some are obvious and some are not so obvious. Some of the obvious risks are, losing good employees, building team cohesiveness, and hiring new talent. One of the not so obvious risks is managing the decision makers who can sometimes not know when to stop making major changes. The article then explains that one must understand motivational drivers of different types of professions. Managers tend to be driven by leaving their mark on the company. The issue with that can be that during the first few days of a big change, managers are flooded with emotions and feeling of importance from being able to implement a big change. Shortly after that, they begin to feel the need to keep that feeling going. So, they have a tendency to want to continue making changes to get that same feeling of being an effective manager. This can cause problems because it can be difficult to know when enough is enough. According to Ready, "Organizations (that is to say, the people in organizations) need stability. They need to know where they stand, to know what the company needs them to do, how the company is performing, and to know to some degree what to expect tomorrow and the day after." (Ready, 2013) When changes are being implemented, there is instability. The instability period brings about loss of morale, the possibility of losing some of your valuable employees, and lack of focus. The goal is to implement changes quickly and attempt to regain stability as soon as possible. The author's conclusion is for the top managers to be aware of their motivational drivers and to understand how their actions impact their team. Managers should make the necessary changes and try to minimize the length of instability in the organization. Managers should make the changes and promptly ramp down the period of major changes. Major changes should not happen frequently. The major change should only happen when it is necessary and should not last very long before going back to a stable work environment. My recommendations are pretty similar to the author's recommendation. I have been through periods of major changes in my work environment several times. It has always been met with resistance from some of the employees. Most people feel very comfortable in the same pattern and knowing what to expect. The minute a person adds some change, it disrupts their comfort because now they have to go through a period of not knowing what to expect. Sometimes it is just because employees have gotten used to doing things a certain way and are very good at it. When you ask them to make certain changes, they have to go through the learning curve and don't feel as comfortable doing it. A good example is if you try switching the hand that you use to brush your teeth. You will not be as quick or as effective as you are when you use the hand that you are used to. It could take you several weeks before you feel comfortable. The same can be said for a change in work procedures or processes. Another recommendation that I have is to allow the employees to be a part of the process from the beginning. If employees understand why there is a need for change, and to be a part of the planning and implementation, they will have less of a tendency to resist the change. Not only managers have motivational drivers. Everybody has motivational drivers. If you can understand your employees' motivational drivers,...
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