Article Review on Fukushima

Topics: Nuclear power, Sustainable energy, Renewable energy Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: July 31, 2013


The research article "Climate policies after Fukushima: three views" was published in Climate Policy in 2013 by a group of authors, named Jim Skea, Stefan Lechtenbohmer, Jusen Asuka [p.1]. The article has studied several major changes in energy and climate policy direction in three major economies, Japan, the UK and Germany after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011. The article has also examined factors that explain different view of these three countries and assessed the implications for international climate negotiation.



Before Fukushima accident, Japan, the UK and Germany considered nuclear energy as an important role in low-carbon electricity and committed to an aggressive GHG emissions reduction targets. After the Fukushima accident which caused a nuclear fallout resulting in severe power supply shortage in several cities in Japan, all three countries had different view and directions. The UK decided to make minor modifications to the nuclear regulatory and continued with new build nuclear plan. Germany decided to immediately closed down 8 of its 17 operating nuclear plan and accelerated a nuclear phaseout.

Prior to the Fukushima accident, the nuclear contributed about 30% of its electricity production and nuclear power had a high priority in its energy policy due to its government confident in nuclear power, its low cost power production and its technology strength. After the Fukushima accident, Japan decided to reduce significantly nuclear output and reviewed its fundamental policy on electricity generation and planned a nuclear phase out.. Japan has also lowered its emission reduction target and climate change mitigation policy.

There are arising new debate about energy security in UK due to the changing of UK's energy trade balance. Dependence on gas imports, capacity...
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