Article Review of Cooperative Learning

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Article Review: Cooperative Learning in a Competitive Environment: Classroom Applications

The article of Cooperative Learning in a Competitive Environment: Classroom Applications was academically written by Simon Attle from the Ashland University and Bob Baker from the George Mason University. Dr. Baker received his academic preparation from Penn State University (BS, MS) and William & Mary (EdD). He has had extensive experience in the sport industry, serving as an administrator and coach in both scholastic and collegiate settings. Prior to arriving at George Mason, Dr. Baker served as Chair of the Department of Sport Sciences at Ashland University (OH). He has written numerous articles and conducted over forty scholarly presentations. Recent publications appear in such journals as the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Sport Management and Related Topics Journal, the Journal of Physical Education, and others. He is currently studying the broad impacts of George Mason’s Final Four appearance. Dr. Simon P. Attle is an Assistant Professor and Academic Program Coordinator of Recreation for the Department of Sport Sciences in the College of Education at Ashland University in Ashland, OH, USA.

This article is discussing about the importance of applying the cooperation and competition teaching styles in higher education classrooms as it provides an example of the application of these techniques in the recreation class such as sport activities. The authors quote the academic statement from Ediger, 1996 which told the professionals that “A properly balanced approach combining cooperation and competition is important in fostering student learning as it serves students as they are able to achieve academic success both in concert with others on their team and on an individual basis within the team”. Both the authors are convincing that by applying both competition and cooperation, the instructors or lectures of the...
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