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Topics: Innovation, Diffusion of innovations, Health care Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Keiser University
MBA542 Eric L. Ford 27 September 2014 Review of Trisha Greenhalgh, Glenn Robert, Fraser Macfarlane, Paul Bate, and Olivia Kyriakidou’s, “Diffusion of Innovations in Service Organizations: Systematic Review and Recommendations” (Greenhalgh et al. 2005b). “Diffusion of Innovations in Service Organizations: Systematic Review and Recommendations.” Milbank Quarterly, 82(4), 581-629. Abstract

This article summarizes an extensive literature review addressing the question, how can we spread and sustain innovations in health service delivery and organization? It considers both content (defining and measuring the diffusion of innovation in organizations) and process (reviewing the literature in a systematic and reproducible way). This article discusses (1) a parsimonious and evidence-based model for considering the diffusion of innovations in health service organizations, (2) clear knowledge gaps where further research should be focused, and (3) a robust and transferable methodology for systematically reviewing health service policy and management. Both the model and the method should be tested more widely in a range of contexts (Greenhalgh et al. 2005b). We defined a systematic review as a review of the literature according to an explicit, rigorous, and transparent methodology. We defined innovation in service delivery and organization as a novel set of behaviors, routines, and ways of working that are directed at improving health outcomes, administrative efficiency, cost effectiveness, or users’ experience and that are implemented by planned and coordinated actions.

We distinguished among diffusion (passive spread), dissemination (active and planned efforts to persuade target groups to adopt an innovation),...

References: Greenhaulgh, T., Robert, G., Macfarlane, F., Bate, P., & Kyriakidou. O. (2004). Diffision of innovations in Serivice Organizations: Systematic Review and Recommendations. Milbank Quarterly, 82(4), 581-629.
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