Article Reflection

Topics: Childhood, Early childhood education, Child Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Sabrina Reyes
ECE – E231
Professor Noe

Journal Critique
Article Review

The article I chose for the review is titled, “Language and Literacy Promotion in Early Childhood Settings: A Survey of Center- Based Practices”. This article begins with the importance of literacy development within the early childhood years and how it serves as a essential foundation. It was then based off of a study that focused on two factors: (1) to assess the extent to which early childhood educators engage children in literacy-building activities, and (2) to identify educator or programmatic characteristics associated with the promotion of early literacy activities in child care centers. The study was done through a survey, one hundred and eighty of them, completed by early childhood educators. The findings of the survey say that efforts are being made in many areas to help engage children in a variety of important language and literacy centers within the classroom, although a minority of the children does not engage in the recommended activities as frequently. The article continues with a step-by-step description how the survey was conducted and the results. The article also includes several tables of the results.

Overall, I enjoyed learning that people are taking the time to realize where the problems lie for children regarding early childhood literacy. The article should encourage adults, especially parents, to take a few minutes out of each day to read to a child. These readings can go along for way children.

I believe that this assignment would belong in, “Becoming a Professional”. Obviously, the article encourages reading throughout the childhood years. As a future educator or parent I would obviously makes essential to a daily routine. Whether the book is one filled pictures or teaches the child a life lesson.

Green, Stephen D., Rick Peterson, and Jocelyn R. Lewis. "Language and Literacy Promotion in Early." ECRP (Early Childhood Research &...
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