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Dawel River Cruise
Silverio’s Restaurant

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Estrella Ramos
Dezza Niverba
Katrin Jill Quinto
Cristine Garcia

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Dr. Sherwin Ragos

Dawel River Cruise

The river cruise is a place where you can relax, not only your mind, but also your body, it is a place where you can hang out with your love one, friends etc. if you want to have fun with your friends and you can also bring snacks while cruising to the other side of the City, if you want to unwind from a stress day work river cruise is a best place where you can forget your tiring day, if you want to have a date and have a conversation to your love, you can ride the nipa boat of the river cruise, using its motor, it will tour you to the river side of Dagupan City, where you can see the beautiful mangroves along the river, the cool breeze of the wind, it can easily removes stress, it is a place where you can take photos, because not only of the ambiance it has also a nice background where you can make a creative shots, it is a good tourist spot for taking photos. River cruise is not only for tourists, it is actually for everyone to enjoy the river of the Dagupan City, a place where you can forget your problems and instead of thinking about it, why not enjoy it’s beauty, the birds, the clear water, the air, and the mangroves. That’s why if you want to out of the town why not try the river cruise of Dagupan City, so you also can experience the fun in Dagupan

Silverio’s Restaurant

Silverio’s is a good place where if you want to taste the seafood delicacies of Dagupan City and it is also a relaxing place where you can unwind, and not thinking of any problems from a stress day work, Extensive menus with nice sea food - some dishes are served with a yukkie sweet tomato sauce so just check the sauce optional you can ask for them to hold the sauce. Crab and sweetcorn soup in excellent as is...
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