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Topics: Josef Mengele, Auschwitz concentration camp, Angel of Death Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: December 30, 2013
 My Article of the Week: The Science of Cosmetics

While reading this article, I learned so many new things about anti-aging creams and make-up. The bonus is the fact that Olay doesn’t test their products on animals, they do it on human skin from biopsies. The equipment to do all the tests and make the creams is very expensive. One machine costs $350,000.000. They use around 94 ‘gene chips’ with samples of skin to do many different series of tests. In the article they used a lot of fancy words that I don’t quite understand, but I’m sure I can assume what they mean. It’s crazy how much science goes into anti-aging formulas. It’s all about the sun damage and the metabolic stuff. I’m really glad that most companies are animal friendly now. Just because they’re small and can’t defend themselves doesn’t mean we get to use and mutilate their bodies for our own personal gain. For example, have you learned about Dr. Mengele? He was called the Angel of Death and he worked in the camps at Auschwitz. He was one of the sickest men alive next to Hitler. Mengele had an interest in twins so he would conduct a series of experiments on them. Some of them were pulling every hair out of their body and seeing which ones were the same, he would test on eyes to see if he could change all of the colors to blue, he would dump a woman in cold water and then throw her in hot water to watch the dramatic changes in the body as it goes from cold to hot, and various other things I’d rather not talk about. How do you think the animals feel being injected with chemicals and killed? Remember the guy who created Insulin? He used dogs. He went through hundreds before one lived. Testing on animals isn’t right, but neither is testing on humans.
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