Article Critique: What Obama Can Learn from Jay-Z

Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Jeremiah Cedeno
Comp 101
December 12, 2013
Essay 4

During the final few weeks in class we covered the "American Dream". At great lengths we read articles and debated their stance on the position of the American Dream's pulse. Some of the authors talked about the dream being alive and others spoke about its death. My favorite article of this semester was one that came about this in a unique angle, "What Obama Can Learn From Jay-Z' by David Samuels. The article basically details the relationship the rapper Jay-Z has with President Obama. Samuels goes on to explain what he feels President Obama can in fact learn from the rap mogul. The premise of this article is resolved around the idea that David Samuels, debates the notion that not only is Jay-Z an ideal embodiment of the American Dream, but also that President Barack Obama has something that he could learn from him as well. Jay-Z with his rags to riches story personifies the American Dream. His rise from the projects of Brooklyn to the musical elites is similar to the goals of young urban youth fighting poverty. “Indeed, the real reason Jay-Z can so openly celebrate his talent and wealth is not simply his genius at marketing, but the fact that his rags-to-riches story is, in fact, a true incarnation of the American Dream.” (“What Obama Can Learn From Jay-Z” David Samuels).

Samuel’s says that President Obama could learn from Jay-Z because they are very similar in many ways. Jay-Z is trusted, respected and celebrated by his fans because he is upfront, honest, and comes from humble beginnings. On the other hand, Americans trust Obama because he is familiar, they see themselves in him. “The idea that the president has something to learn from this tension, and from the synthesis that Jay-Z offers, shouldn't seem far-fetched: While Americans may accept the great disparities of wealth that the new economy has engendered, they will not give up on their equal right to dream.”...
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