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Children and Their False Memory

Psychology 101
February 27, 2012

Researchers tested sixty, eight and twelve year old, children ability to recall information. Additionally, false memory was tested to study the process of information recall. Deese-Roediger McDermott (DRM) lists were used to study the false memory. Specifically, they test associative strength to words that are actually called. Researchers found that the children used in the study tended to remember the neutral rather than negative emotional DRM lists. Children were able recall more neutral items than negative emotional. Gender did not play a factor in the subject’s false memory or true recall. Older children were discovered to remember more information in general than the younger subjects. Additionally, there was more false memory for negative emotional items. Researchers hypothesized that the children tended to censor or block negative emotional information.

The article attempted to examine children’s negative emotional and neutral material. Researchers worked to find out how age has an effect on false memory in children. Negative emotional information is information that is association with negative feelings and emotions (anger, punish, lie). Neutral information is information that has no particular topic or relation. Deese-Roediger- McDermott (DRM) lists were used in the study. These particular lists are used in cognitive psychology to study false memory. False memory refers to details that are given but are not true or did not happen. The critical lure is a concept pertaining to the DRM lists. It is the tendency to recall words that are associated with given information. The most important inquiry rose while doing this experiment, “What is the nature of children’s true and false memories for emotionally charged information?” There were sixty children involved—35 female and 25 males....

References: Howe L. Mark. (2007).Children’s Emotional False Memories. Psychological Science, 18, 10, 856-860
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