Article Critique of Detracking in Context: How Local Constructions of Ability Complicate Equity-Geared Reform

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: April 27, 2013
In Beth Rubin’s article, “Detracking in Context: How Local Constructions of Ability Complicate Equity-Geared Reform”, it shows that teacher teach depending on how they see their students. It can have both positive and negative repercussions on students. If the students are viewed in a negative light, teachers generally have a lower standard of what students are capable of. It also usually shows up in the classroom. Teachers with those lower standards don’t feels as though students are able to handle rigorous curriculum. In this article it shows a wide spectrum of teachers. On one hand you have Mr. Bartlett, a very capable teacher but he teachers in a bad neighborhood. Mostly all of his students have been approached at one point by gang members.(pg. 660) He feels that he is unable to go into depth with topics because students “...lacked all the right things: knowledge, persistence, good behavior, and academic skills”.(pg. 659) On the other hand you have educators like Mr. Carey at Elmtown High School. While it is a diverse school adults see the teachers as “active, opinionated, sophisticated and, above all, varied”(pg 677). This view point of the teachers shows in the how the teachers interact with the students, giving them a higher educational value.

I like this article because it gives in depth standpoints for teachers and students, at multiple schools. It shows how the teachers interact with students, and how students react with the teachers. In that meager setting at Oakcity High School with Mr. Bartlett, he doesn’t cater to students needs. He does things in a strict basic formatted setting because “...on any job they get outside of school, there’s going to be a certain formats they must follow to be successful on the job. McDonald’s, there’s a certain way of frying French fries. There’s a certain was of customer service. They have to learn that format”.(pg. 661) He feels as though his students are unable to comprehend those in depth discussions. He...
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