Article Critique Healthcare Management

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CDC launches initiative to reduce infections at outpatient facilities

“As hospitals get better at keeping serious infections from spreading to patients, a new source of worry is emerging: outpatient clinics, where reports of dangerous transmissions of bacteria and viruses have been on the rise. “ (CDC) The main issues outline in this article are: the transmission of viruses and bacteria between patients have increased in outpatient clinics. The problem at one point was mainly in hospitals, once that got maintained, the problem moved to outpatient clinics.

The problem was first discovered at an outpatient facility where chemotherapy and radiation were administered to patients. Treatment of these things are cheaper at an outpatient clinic, therefore more people have been receiving treatment there. Outpatient clinics are also smaller facilities than hospitals; therefore inspections, health and safety, sometimes get overlooked. Allowing the spread of disease and the unsafe “threat” of infections go unnoticed. Nearly 60000 cancer patients have been hospitalized this summer because of infections. Cancer patients are at a higher risk of infection because the chemotherapy and radiation has made their immune system so weak.

Clearly, the CDC is attempting to use TQM and QA to improve outpatient clinics. Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach that organizations use to improve their overall internal processes and create customer satisfaction. Patients, at the time were satisfied with their services because they were ignorant to the unsafe practices they were apart of. So in this case, TQM is going to be used to crease SAFE and HEALTHY outpatient care. There are seven steps in TQM that every organization must follow: 1. Quality can and must be managed.

2. Processes, not people, are the problem.
3. Don’t treat symptoms, look for the cure.
4. Every employee is responsible for quality,
5. Quality must be measurable....
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