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Course code:
PSY 311
Course name:
Writing and critical thinking
Assignment title:
Reflection paper on a writing process
Instructor’s name:
Dr. Dawn Stevens
Student’s name:
Efstratios Boumpouras
April 15, 2013



Reflection paper on a writing process
Efstratios Boumpouras
City Unity College

PSY 311 Writing and critical thinking
Dawn Stevens
April 15, 2013

Reflection paper on a writing process
Every writer has a different writing style which is a reflection of himself. Life experiences, intelligence, character all of these and much more influence the thoughts and the structure of them. After all the words we write begin as thoughts. Because of this there is not a dogmatic right way of writing. People are different and such are their writing styles. There may be some broad general guidelines as for example a paper should have an introduction, a main body and an epilogue but besides these very general guidelines there is not one appropriate style that guarantees successful writing for all. Personally, my biggest issue concerning the papers I write is the language as English is not my first language and I have never learnt it properly. During my studies in City Unity College though my English have improved considerably. I understand English better and I write more comfortable and faster which made my life easier since it reduced my working hours. Besides the language another major issue during the writing process is the organization of thoughts in order to put them on paper in a comprehensive way. Unfortunately thoughts do not follow a linear pattern but paper should be written in such a way. Structuring my thoughts in an order and a way which not only will make sense on a paper but will also be a clear reflection of my thoughts is a considerable struggle. The translation of thoughts into written words is a particularly important issue;...
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