Article Critique

Topics: Suicide, Parenting, Parasuicide Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Week Eleven Assignment
Article Critique:

Logan, J. E., Crosby, A. E., & Hamburger, M. E. (2011). Suicidal ideation, friendships with delinquents, social and parental connectedness, and differential associations by sex: Findings among high-risk pre/early adolescent population. Crisis: The Journal Of Crisis Intervention And Suicide Prevention, 32(6), 299-309. doi:10.1027/0227-5910/a000091

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Addresses the significant associations of high-risk minority youth identity on suicidal ideation.

Rachel Leigh Rogers

Psychology – Research and Program Evaluation Specialization

Walden University



This section clearly states a brief description of the problem under study: The association between suicidal ideation, friendships with delinquents, and social/parental connectedness in high-risk youth is poorly understood (Logan, Crosby, & Hamburger, 2011). The participants include 2,598 pre/early adolescents, but no further information is described regarding the individuals. The results are included: After adjusting for demographic and mental distress factors, suicidal ideation was positively associated with having delinquent friends; yet, after factoring in substance abuse and mental distress, this was negative for males (Logan, Crosby, & Hamburger). Furthermore, after adjusting for all factors (demographic, mental distress, illicit substance abuse, and peer/date violence victimization), suicidal ideation was negatively associated with school and parental connectedness, but a higher association did exist for females (Logan, Crosby, & Hamburger). The significance levels are not reported. Future research is touched on in the conclusion; potential benefits may exist in increasing school connectedness and improving parenting strategies, especially for females, as well as the improving the violence and substance-abuse prevention strategies, especially for males, connected with delinquent peers (Logan,...
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