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Topics: Education, Teacher, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Kloo, A., & Zigmand, N. (2008). Coteaching revisited: Redrawing the blueprint. Preventing School Failure, 52(2), 12-20.

The authors’ focus in this article is defining, evaluating, endorsing and improving the practice of co-teaching. As they state early on, co-teaching is the most commonly used format for delivering special education services to students with disabilities. This increase in co-teaching is a direct result of the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which holds schools accountable for teaching students in the least restrictive environment. With this focus in mind, schools have created learning environments where general education teachers deliver the content in a traditional manner while the special education teacher personalizes the experiences for the students with disabilities in the classroom. It is a useful strategy that enforces effort, mastery and staying on task.

After the introduction, the case was made for why co-teaching is so successful. Most importantly, co-teaching only works, the authors stated, when there is collaboration between the teachers in the planning of the lessons, as well as the performance of the students. These types of relationships need support to succeed, which is why support from the school’s administration and a commitment to co-teaching makes its success a reality. Co-teaching provides a classroom with the resources of two teachers, which gives students more one on one time with a teacher and limits possible behavior issues that may arise. Although co-teaching is highly recommended and reports from teachers are very positive, the authors fairly note that research into the effectiveness of co-teaching is, as they say, “elusive”.

The authors then go on to argue that although co-teaching is becoming very visible in schools, educators are not taking full advantage of the benefits it can provide for students. This is because teachers do not incorporate all of...
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