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Article Aspects Of Our Live Have Changed Over The Last 30 Years

By SandraCrespoSeren Mar 22, 2015 302 Words
It is a real fact that many aspects of our lifes have changed immensely over the last 30 years. But have these changes been positive or negative for our modern lifestyle? Undoubtedly, many aspects have changed dramatically in our society such as families policies, people’s relationships, dating, couples,etc…because of internet, inventions of science and our consumer society. There was a time when dating, meeting up, keeping in contact were simpler than currently. Internet and technology have sacken up the way we see the world creating new possibilities, making easier from manner people meet other people through the means we interact with our friends to the system we get in touch with our family. Advances in science have changed inevitably the pattern of dating and relationship in the 21st century. Nowadays we are used to handling social web pages (facebook, twitter), apps such as whatsapp or even speed dating or online dating, so we can tweet, poke or send a message without having ever seen them in person. In most cases, the relationships aren`t sincere or reliable and a natural process,neither. From my humble point of view, relationships are hard enough without the complications that virtual world has introduced.We all need to take a step back and reexaminate things because there are many people in the world who are more interested in nurturing their virtual life ignoring their real life . Technology has placed and despite the fact that it has enormous advantages like it’s showed, it has also damaged this aspect of our day to day and as a result these changes have been negative for our social life and the way people socialize. It’s time to turn off the computers, part down our mobile devices and spend time relearning old school ways of communication ,interaction and socializing.

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