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Article Analysis: Caitlin Moran's My Big Fat Freaky Wedding

By KodiC123 Apr 20, 2015 531 Words
Question 3
At the beginning of the article, there is one statement in the form of a quote. In this quote the writer tells us that she had a bad wedding. Choosing this way to start the article shows how she felt about the whole event. The quote at the beginning reads, 'I don't want to exaggerate, but by God, it was a bad wedding', this way of starting shows the reader that she was very unimpressed about her wedding. It also shows that she was upset by how bad the wedding was, this is shown when the quote reads, 'I don't want to exaggerate', meaning that in her mind the wedding was so bad that she has to exaggerate the point of just how bad it was. The term 'by God' shows that she is comparing the severity of how bad it was to God, this shows the reader just how bad it was, it also expresses how upset she was about it. Further on in the article Moran tells the reader about her break up from her future husband, she tells us about how at first she was happy about it, but then later on she became incredibly unhappy. Moran explains this by writing, 'albatross-unhappiness has descended. It wasn't depression, or misery - it was both restless, and more hopeful, than that', this tells the reader how she felt, and how confused she was about how she felt. Using the term, 'albatross-unhappiness' shows just how unhappy she was, that she felt almost cursed by how unhappy she was. She then writes that she didn't feel depressed but she felt 'restless' but also 'hopeful', this shows that she was feeling confused about how she felt, as hopefulness is a contrast of being unhappy. Later on in the article Moran tells the reader that she didn't want a big wedding. The way that she describes her ideal wedding shows that she was unenthusiastic about the whole event, this is revealed when she writes, 'It would have cost less than 200 quid. We could have knocked it all off in five hours flat', this shows that she didn't really care about what is considered the most important day of your life. It also shows how underwhelmed she is by the idea of having a big wedding, which tells the reader that Moran is quite upset by having a big, expensive wedding. The term 'knocked it all off' tells the reader that the writer just wanted to get it over and done with, this shows that she didn't care and she wasn't that enthusiastic about her wedding. The last feeling that the writer describes in this article was disinterest, first shown when she finds her siblings fanning a fire alarm and extending to when she goes to sleep. Her disinterest is shown when she writes in very short sentences, shown here when the article reads, 'It's 10.32pm. I'm married. I go to bed', the short sentences show us that she is bored at the idea and doesn't seem to care. The tone that Moran sets is that she is bored and can't wait to or the day to be over.

Question 4

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