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Social Work Article Critique
SOC. 202
The purpose of this paper is to critique the methodology of the study Program Completion and Re-Arrest in a Batterer Intervention System (2007). Author Larry Bennett and his colleagues designed a study to examine program participation factors and the subsequent re-arrest of male batterers. Overall Approach

The general approach taken during this study included deductive theory, the general aim was to test a theory based on previous research, create steps to measure the variables indicated in previous studies, and conclude with an analysis and interpretation of their findings. The author of this study used nomothetic explanations to identify several factors which would lead to an understanding. The study was both Descriptive and Evaluation. The authors wished to describe variables that could predict an individual’s success or failure in a Batterer Intervention System. Furthermore, the authors sought to evaluate the program’s completion on re-arrest. Hypothesis, Unit of Analysis, Time Dimension

No specific hypotheses were stated, however, it was noted that the author wanted to identify characteristics and factors that could predict completing batterer intervention programs (BIP) and re-arrest, as well as whether completing a BIP was related to re-arrest. Units of analysis being studied by the researcher were batterer intervention programs and re-arrests. The unit of observation the researcher was studying was individuals. This longitudinal study collected overtime. The background data was collected at an initial assessment, and the re-arrest records were reviewed approximately two years later. The Variables

The dependent variables in this study were re-arrest records and BIP completion. The independent variables which impacted the outcome were BIP compliance, generality of violence, psychological characteristics, social factors, and personal accountability. Conceptual definitions

Batterer Intervention Program...
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