Article Analysis

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Article Analysis
November 18, 2013

Article Analysis
People all across the country are craving coffee despite the increasingly soaring prices. Coffee has become more popular than ever. There are many versions of coffee drinks that entice the public of all ages from teenagers to elders. Coffee has enticed the country with all its different variations and flavors. In the last few years the demand has increased due to a faster paced lifestyle and therefore the price of a coffee drink can be quite expensive to what it was ten years ago. Coffee production does struggle to keep up with the demand of coffee. There are more coffee shops going up every day all over the country. It is the high specialty coffees that are less available and therefore cause the price of a high specialty coffee drink to go up even more. That has not slowed down the demand for people wanting to pay max dollar for a special latte. People are starting to drink coffee that used to not drink it. The reason for this is a fast paced world where people feel the need to “keep up” and therefore they drink coffee since it is highly caffeinated which gives people more short term energy. Even decaffeinated coffee is popular due to the different flavors and novelty of the drinks such as iced flavored coffees. McDonalds even started carrying iced flavored coffee drinks to be competitive with the specialty coffee shops arising on every corner in every country. Coffee is derived from coffee beans from all places of the country with different qualities and flavors of interest. Recently Central America’s coffee farms were affected by a fungal disease called La Roya, also known as coffee rust. This epidemic is the highest in 40 years and the coffee farms have had losses reaching $1 billion in the 2012-2013 harvest. This fungal disease weakens and eventually kills coffee trees. The main causes are warmer, wetter climate and underinvestment in farms and aging coffee trees. In Central...

References: Hunt, N. (2011, May 25). The world craves more java; global coffee demand is growing at 2.5 per cent per year, yet soaring prices fail to stall growth in coffee-shop chains. The Gazette.
Bawaba, A. (2011, May 25). World craves ever more coffee despite soaring prices. The Daily Star.
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