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Chantel Henderson
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Darrill Hammond
July 26, 2012
Big (and Brilliant): Article Review
In an ever changing global market, coffee consumption has been gaining momentum and increasing all over the world. Even in countries known for their tea drinking preferences such as China and Japan, coffee business is booming. Tim Horton’s a well-known coffee moniker has built its empire on the addictive power of coffee and has many franchises’ located across the country with a small but ever increasing foothold in the United States market. The author James Cowan puts the focus of his article on Tim Horton’s ever increasing cup sizes, which was a profitable business move for the company, but staggers along the lines of excessive. In reaction he does a comparison of other businesses such as 7-eleven, who introduced the Double Gulp (64 oz.) more than twenty years ago, and compares them with Tim’s new extra-large cup addition. People are getting more bang for their buck but might be getting more than they bargained for. In the pursuit of the almighty dollar, many businesses must get creative and come up with some innovative ways of making money for their stakeholders. It would seem that profits, whether they’re decreasing or increasing, says a lot about the success of a business or lack thereof. In the case of Tim Horton’s, staying ahead of the competition hasn’t been a problem, when “you sell eight out of every 10 cups of coffee served in the country” (Cowan, 2012, p. 38). The problem arises from an unethical business decision to increase coffee sales by tricking customers into drinking more coffee without thinking about the long-term effects it has on the population as a whole. Drinking more coffee can lead to a higher tolerance level and therefore increase the agitation levels of its customers trying to satisfy their caffeine fix. People not only become addicted but can gain weight in the process. When a person gets used to drinking such a...

Cited: Cowan, J. (2012, 02 14). Big (and Briliant): How Tim Hortons is tricking us into buying more coffee. Canadian Business, 37-39.
William G. Nickels, e. a. (2010). Understanding Canadian Business. Mc-Graw Hill Ryerson Limited.
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