Article about Yolanda

Topics: Entertainment, Recreation and Sports, Government Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: November 25, 2013
“Biggest storm? Nothing is bigger than God”

As the Filipinos enjoy the summery breeze of the afternoon, A sudden attack of tension of moving ground terrified many citizens in the city of cebu and bohol. With a magnitude of 7.2, The earth crumbled, mirrors shattered, and the buildings broke down. Dead bodies scattered all around the area in a flash. The incident is not an ordinary episode from a telivision, but a real life situation.

The horrifying effects that nature could bring to us, could surely scare the top scarers and also the unscared people.

Life’s full of luxury and fun, Yes, you only experience it once in awhile, why? Because you don’t always see it. God gives you the chance to lay on your sofa or your bed everyday, and that, is considered luxury. Being pampered in a spa or lying on a pool is not considered Luxury. You enjoy your everyday, having fun with your friends, laughing, playing jokes and entertaining each other. “Fun and Luxury” whats the secrets between them?are they really? Considered in Life? Questions just can’t stop on inflowing within our minds.

The Eatrthquakes and storms bring up such a big hit on people, a painful hit of realization. Luxury? Fun? All in a flash, will be lost when nature hits the life of peopled it targeted.

The earthquake that occurred, broke lots of hearts and terrorized tons of homes. Fun and Luxury. Were only considered fairytales in the phenomenon. No food, water, clothes, and other personal needs

Well, the government is taking over somehow.
reliefs and a couple of help.

Theres a problem in giving off reliefs though.

People from the government, take the real titles of those who really contributed. Putting their faces on the bags of reliefs.
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