Article 92 - Good Order and Military Discipline

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Article 92

Good order and Military discipline:
The Disciplinary Regulations of the United States Army define military discipline as "a strict and honorable compliance by all servicemen with the order and rules prescribed by laws, military regulations and orders of commanders (superiors)."
Military discipline is a special form of military relations. Its specifics lie in coordinating the conduct and actions of military personnel and in serving to establish such relations as are required for successful joint activity. The conduct of servicemen is regulated by special rules and standards of behavior set forth in laws, military regulations and orders of commanders (superiors) and reflecting the specific features of the military organization and the state's requirements on the behavior of military personnel. Military discipline as the order of relations and behavior of servicemen constitutes a key component of internal order in military units and detachments. By regulating serviceman's relations and behavior, military discipline forms the very basis and structure of internal order as the mode of organization of the life and activity of the Armed Forces, permeating all its elements, since the maintenance and enhancement of internal order is based on compliance with the prescribed rules and standards of behavior.
It is known that functioning and development are inextricably linked together and, at the same time, are qualitatively distinct, each being governed by its own specific laws. The functioning process proceeds according to the laws of a relatively stable state, the system's mode of existence and its movement in the given qualitative state, whereas the laws of development are laws governing the system's transition from one state to another, i.e., a change of states which results in the system's transition to a qualitatively different level of functioning. The unity of functioning and development is an expression of the contradictory mode of existence of the

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