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My name is HTU. I went to health social science in last year at Croftholmen high school. Now I am studying to health services course second year at Skogmo high school. This school year is very important for me because I will choose pharmacy technician course and will become a pharmacy technician after end of the school. After third year of this education, there is also opportunity to take a year more extension if I want to continue studying in college or university. During this school times I experience many new things. Both at school and practice location, all day and people were not same. Then, it is exciting. In this year, I have many things to think about why I will choose pharmacy techniques next year. In that case, I have some good reasons to be pharmacy techniques. There are that I want to work with people, it seems that pharmacies is interesting, I interested in pharmaceuticals and health, I enjoy talking with others and give advice on medicines and health, seems it gives me a lot to prevent disease and I want to use my skills to help other people feel safe.

I can study to be a medical secretary, dental assistant or pharmacy technician for next year. Pharmacy Technicians have many different jobs. One of the most important is customer care. Pharmacy technicians must be able to provide proper information about medicines and how they work, both to customers and other healthcare professionals. English speaking customers often visit the pharmacist for advice and guidance on the various products. Therefore it is important that I must have a good knowledge to guide and communicate in both Norwegian and English. But I must know that I can not as much to do as a pharmacist. I must consult my pharmacist when needed.

Other important tasks that pharmacy technicians perform is to: Order the goods receiving goods, handle and place merchandise, merchandise pricing, look up items for customers, prepare some medicines, attend office work, including signing...
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