Article 1 sports leader coursework

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Article 1:
Explain the skills, qualities and responsibilities of and effective coach using sports examples (M1) 1. Introduction
In this article I will talk about the skills, responsibilities and qualities of a good coach. It's essential to have a number of each of these to be an effective leader. Firstly I will discuss skills required by a coach. (Whilst the following text refers to males in the role of coaches or leaders it is also applicable to females.)

2. Skills
In this section I will discuss the following skills critical for a good coach: Communication
Target setting
Activity structure
Use of language
The first skill is communication. Communication is needed to be an effective coach. They use this skill to pass on information to the players so they know what to do through the use of verbal and non-verbal communication. For example using motivation techniques and whistles. As well as being approachable and a good listener and demonstrator this is an excellent skill to have so all the athletes know exactly what to do and can respond effectively. A football coach would use this skill before a game to discuss tactics, formations and what is expected of them. He will continue to shout and use hand signals during the game to pass on information to the players. Therefore communication is vital to being a good coach. Target setting is also a good skill to have. A good coach sets appropriate goals and targets which help’s individuals improve their sports performance, ensuring these objectives are challenging whilst still being realistic and attainable. This helps to motivate the athletes, hence improving their performance. A football coach would use target setting in training sessions to make sure the players have a target point to reach, which involves working hard to achieve the set goal. This acts as motivation which is vital to a good sports performer. For example, saying that we need to...
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