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Artichoke vs Avocado

By katiemorera Feb 27, 2014 510 Words
Well, I decided to learn about artichoke verses avocado view of human nature. Mostly because I’ve absolutely never heard of it. After all my exploring though, I must say I am intrigued. The avocado view of human nature is in my opinion a more spiritual one. Surprisingly, the view relates to the characteristics of the actual fruit. It’s definitely open to its own interpretation, but to my understanding the avocado view of human nature is basically the idea that under the exterior, whatever shade, or texture it may be there is undoubtedly a common core. This core, also referred to as an essence or spirit, is referencing to the seed of an avocado. This is supposedly our true self, buried within outer meat. Considered to be made up of core characteristic that make you who you are, but also connected to humanity. Relating even more to an avocado, is the way an avocado reproduces. Even if the fruit has completely rotted away there will be left behind the seed, the internal “code” of what it once was will remain and will give birth to another generation of avocados. This is a concept many people find comfort in. The idea of still remaining your essential self even after death. This view of human nature tends to be that of those who are more religious. Then there is the artichoke view of human nature. As expected, this view is also directly tied to the actual vegetable. The basis of this view of human nature is an artichoke consists of layers and nothing more, for example if one were to peel away every layer there would be nothing left. There would be no core, or seed of all there was. This means that there is also no rebirth of an artichoke. It is here to simply be, and there is no grander everlasting presence. The layers act as a cover for the nonexistent core. People who agree with this think of it as people choose their layers, and add them as they go. This view of human nature tends to be favored more by non-spiritual people, or those who are non-religious. Interestingly the artichoke view of human nature is not really shared by philosophers. To my findings most philosophers favor the avocado view of human nature, admitting to their being a soul of our essential being which outlives our physical bodies. I’ll admit, it is pleasant to think “avocado” to live for something beyond your body, and last beyond it as well. However, this notion mostly applies to what happens after life. I am more concerned with during life, and I think people can be either avocados or artichokes. Artichokes being people who have layers, but for there simply is not an essential core, with the power of rebirth. Others have an outer cover, protecting what they were, add After learning of both views of human nature I can’t say I know which one I completely agree with. Could it be possible to not agree with either view indefinitely?

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