Topics: King Arthur, Holy Grail, Lancelot Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Dariush Bazyani
Honors English 10
Mrs. Riley
May 11, 2011
Arthurian Legends The creation of the King Arthur was created to enlighten readers on the morals of life. Many of incidents that occur in the Arthurian legends constantly entail life lessons that are meant to impact readers. The Arthurian tales is a series that tells the story of good verse evil. With each story, tells the tale of a hero who fights for the good of the people while the evil characters attempt destroy and conquer the world of the Arthurian ages. Each tale tells reader of a universal theme that has been intended to show the readers the good of mankind, and how evil never prevails.

“The Crowning of Arthur” is the classic tale of a man who rises to power in a kingdom where evil and hatred has covered all the land. Arthur is brought up to fight for the good of the people from an early age. All the knights of Camelot try to claim the sword of Excalibur, but they all prove unsuccessful. Arthur then takes the sword and crowns himself as King. As he crowned as king, Arthur falls in love the beautiful Igraine. This tale of King Arthur shows a reader that because one man is granted with immense power, does not mean this new power can make an individual use this power for his own selfish needs. Arthur instead brings changes that benefit the land of Camelot.

“The Tale of Sir Lancelot Lake” shows the bravery of a knight who is willing to do whatever he must to protect the people of Camelot. Sir Launcelot shows the bravery, chivalry, and physical prowess of a true knight during the Arthurian times. Launcelot proves to the citizens that he is a truly brave and powerful knight, but Launcelot continues to ignore the immense attention as he longs for Igrain; Launcelot love for Igrain shows readers that that the power of love can effected the strongest of people; Launcelot is left in tears and sadness...
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