Artemis Sportswear Proposal

Topics: Operating expense, Cost, Efficient energy use Pages: 4 (2560 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Artemis Sportswear ProposalAlyssa Casler, Derrik Carr, John Humphrey, Raven Porter, Tieran DysartComm/215Oct 13, 2014Rebecca Kinney Artemis Sportswear ProposalWhen running a business, there are many factors that go into a successful business. Keeping your customers, shareholders, and employees happy will determine if your business fails or succeeds. The biggest part in keeping a business thriving is if it is making money. We could raise prices and leave everything the way it is, but that could lead to a decline in customers. Raising the prices with no inside changes to how the business runs could also scare away investors or lead to less interest in our company. This could also lead to our employees not having very much confidence that we will be around as a stable job opportunity. During the recession, many companies were losing profits and created unnecessary risks in search of growing their profit margins (Mariotti, 2011). This is the basis of the proposal to increase Artemis Sportswear profits without taking unnecessary risks. The four points labor costs, operational costs, marketing, and non-essential costs will guide us in increasing profit margins without taking unnecessary risks. Another point we will discuss is the impact on morale and possible solutions to alleviate the impact on our employees during these changes. Even though, there could be a negative impact on workers and productivity, cutting operational expenses will increase profits and could help avoid massive layoffs of employees. Labor Costs

One of the biggest changes that have to be made are in our costs of labor. Michael Lewis (n.d.) explains that: Salaries and wages are one of the largest costs of every company and are often the most difficult to control. But changing compensation is touchy for those who are affected, so it is important to handle the changes with compassion, truth, and firmness (p. 1) Making changes to how we conduct training, overtime, outsourcing, as well as employment...

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