Artemis Image

Topics: Venture capital, Advertising, Finance, Marketing / Pages: 2 (618 words) / Published: Feb 3rd, 2015
Artemis Image Case Analysis Artemis Image is a company with good business ideas and meet huge potential market needs. The problems of the company are caused by finance scarcity, the lack of website technology support, human resources and the lack of marketing advertises. Christine has to think about to go or not to go with the Artemis Image business. She can choose to give up the company and go back to work for AGT or other companies. She was enthusiastic and confident in her business idea. According to her reflection, she got a profound satisfaction in building Artemis Image and she really care about IMSC and making those great images available to its fans. For Christine, giving up now is not a very good choice.
Christine is suggested to re-build the business from the aspects of market, technology, human resources and finance. First, lack of funding is the most urgent and important problem to solve. Christine and her team should get access to more capital. Christine and George already spent their personal savings and sought help from their families. They should find other ways to get capital. They can ask for the investment from venture capital funds, angel investors and corporate investors. In order to get the funding, they should write a very specific business report about their current situation, future plans and their advantages over the competitors. They should also include the financial plans and marketing plans to show how much return the investors can get and the huge growth potential of the company. Second, Christine is suggested to solve the technical problems. Since Artemis Image does not have tangible store, the online sales is the only and essential way for their business. Christine should hire a company to fixed the website problems immediately. She should find a technology team with good reputation, strong website supporting skills and good customer service. Artemis Image should fix the website problem completely and strengthen its website in

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