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Art Three Main Types

Topics: Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso / Pages: 3 (669 words) / Published: Nov 20th, 2012
Art: Representational, Abstract, and Nonrepresentational
Art is a way to expression a memory, idea, and/or emotion. Art can come from the mind or you can draw it from another source such as media or nature. Art has very different meanings and attempts to get across to other in different ways. Art is virtually endless. Art can be be altered to look how the artist wants to make it appear or it can be made to look exactly as it appears in reality . It is up to the artist to make the image as they desire. Artists usually do so by finding a type of art they are comfortable with doing. Some artists do not like to make art that looks like anything someone has seen before. There are hundreds of different categories of art. Those categories can fall into one of three main types. The three main types in which a piece of art can fall under are representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational.
Representational art is art in which the artist attempts to capture the image exactly as it appears. There are several different subcategories that fall under this such as realism and art made during the Renaissance. Artist who tend to make representational art usually are geared to think logically and analytically. Representational art contrasts with abstract art and nonrepresentational art. For instanse the Mona Lisa done by Leonardo Da Vinci is a work of representational art. It is a potrait done in oil to capture the image of Lisa Gherardini. Other works done by Leonardo Da Vinci are also representational. The picture captures what the artist sees in reality rather then what the artist want's to exaggerate upon.
When trying to steer away from physical realities abstract art tends to cover the spectrum of emotions with shapes and lines. This art can vary on whether it contains things that are representation and things that are entirely nonrepresentational. This category of art is everything that falls in between representational art and nonrepresentational art. A great example would be just about any work done by Pablo Piccaso. Cubism is a sub form of abstract art, which is a type of art that Pablo Piccaso is known for. Cubism is when the artist uses geometric shapes to define their work of art in place of the natural organic shapes which would normally be made in representational art. However since the work still has some representation it is not entirely nonrepresentational which lands it in the abstract category.
Art that makes no attempt to identify or represent something is called nonrepresentational art. This art does not depict any beings, places or things in the natural world. It is very much like abstract however there are absolutely no representations within this type of art. While the art is not intended to represent anything it usually appeals to emotions with the tone of colors and the way the artist uses their media. An example of this can be expressionism. However this type of art is tricky. Expressionism can also fall under the category of abstract. Since abstract and nonrepresentational art can be closely related it is also easy to confuse the two. While expressionism shows a strong sense of emotions it can also have some representational items within it which allows it to fall into one of the two categories. Representational art can never be expressionism. Fighting Forms by Franz Marc is a good example of expressionistic nonrepresentational art.
The artist makes a work from their desired media in order to produce an image or images they want to see in the world rather then allow it to remain in their head for no one to see. An artist usually uses a type of art that they can best relate to. There are sever different types of art to choose from but they all fall into one of three categories. Out of all the different categories of art all of them fall into three different types. They are representational, abstract, or nonrepresentational.

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