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Topics: New York City, Fashion, Design Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: June 4, 2013
When asked what field of art I would like to pursue I would most likely steer towards the idea of becoming a fashion designer. Being a fashion designer entails so many things. To name a few things being a fashion designer entails studying trends and sketching initial clothing or accessory designs. They oversee the entire garment production from their initial sketch to final manufacturing. The nature of the job varies among the different types of fashion designers; most designers are employed by design and manufacturing firms and work regular hours, while some designers are freelance and work longer hours under more stressful conditions. These designers create trends and fashions right from their imagination into the glass windows, stores, and magazines that people shop at and from every day. It’s one of the jobs in this world that you can put your own spin on everything you create. Imagine walking down the street and looking over to see someone sporting a brand new pair of stilettoes that you designed. Think of the endless opportunities of creating a whole new world of fashion starting right within your brain. The median expected salary for a typical Fashion Designer in the United States is $46,229. However some make as low as $31,454, while others make up to $66,594. Fashion Designers are in need in more populated areas such as New York City, Boston, Seattle, and Chicago. If I were seriously considering a job in fashion design I would first look at becoming an assistant in one of the populated cities listed. Most employers in the fashion industry will require you to prove that you have completed some basic courses in fashion design and/or obtained a fashion degree before you begin one of many possible fashion careers. Associates, Bachelor, and Master degrees are all offered for fashion design. In conclusion fashion design is a form of art that enables you to put your own personal spin on the styles and trends of tomorrow.
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