Art of Living Foundation

Topics: World, Human, The Rising Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 23, 2012
The world has become synonymous to competition, multi-tasking, keeping pace with the fast pace development, balancing work with family and to sum up,‘stress’. Wherever one may go, people complain of being stressed with a variety of reasons. Men complain of being stressed with work pressure, family responsibilities while women complain of being stressed with balancing work life and family. Even children and Young Adults complain of being stressed due to ever increasing competition at schools and colleges as well as parental pressure. Stress resides at every nook and corner ranging from varying ages, gender, levels of work, type of work, location, caste etc. Unable to cope up with this ever-increasing stress, people resort to unethical practices which take a toll on their lives or on others’. There is a rising need for something that will get people out of such ever invading stressful life and make world a better place. The Art Of Living Foundation was founded with a view to eliminate stress from human life and make life an expression of happiness inspite of all odds. The AOLF is a Non Government Organisation that works for the enhancement of well-being through spirituality and beyond. Secondly, India is still one of the developing countries with majority of its population being poor and backward. People still can’t afford basic necessities and have to dwell in slums or even on roads. There is a lack of basic sanitation, education and other common rights. The Art of Living foundation works towards the upliftment of such backward class with its various projects on hygiene, slum upliftment, education etc. The ever increasing competition, race to survive in this competition, the rising population and a desire to lead a lavish or even a basic fulfilling life has given rise to a lot of unethical activities which become as extreme as severe crimes such as theft and robbery, murder etc. A degrading mentality of people in varying conditions also...
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