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Topics: N.C. Wyeth, Brandywine Creek, Farnsworth Art Museum Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: July 17, 2015
Curtis Hess
Museum Experience

The outside activity that I chose to do was to visit a museum. The museum in which I visited was the Brandywine River Museum. This museum is located in Chadds Ford PA, which is right outside of Philadelphia, and like the name says it sits right along the Brandywine River. I went to this fine art museum with my sister who lives in the area and we did not take a guided tour, instead we just walked around on our own time and were able to talk about the paintings with each other and express our likes and dislikes of a certain picture or sculpture. The two major collections in this museum were the Jamie Wyeth collection and the Andrew Wyeth: Lines of Thought collection. There was also a heritage collection. The museum itself was in a very beautiful building and the view of the Brandywine River made the experience at the museum much better because there were some pieces in the museum that were similar to the landscape of the outside, which is thought was nice because you could look at a painting then look outside and they almost looked alike due to the painting being done so well. In the heritage collection there were many paintings that showed off the country lands and landscape of the early Americas. There were also paintings of just everyday items in that time. For example there was a painting of a coat rack with some man’s jacket, hat and rifle. It was done so well that one could mistake it for being an actual coat rack. There was also another painting that I took interest in in the heritage collection and it was a painting of a coffee mug and a smoking pipe. I enjoyed this one because it could have been what the painter used when he was thinking of his next project. He could have a nice cup of coffee and smoke his pipe while brainstorming what he wanted to paint next. In between these different collections of art there were some sculptures and other paintings that were not know for their famous painter but they were still fine...
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