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Topics: Sculpture, Arts, Greek mythology Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Over the past 15 weeks, I have grown to understand, acknowledge and ultimately appreciate art, in a way like never before. From the very first lesson, and every lesson following I learned something new. Lessons detailing the different elements of art, principles of design and the evolution of art! Thanks to this course, I am more knowledgeable in a variety of art media’s; architecture, film and video, installation and performance, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and drawing. I have to say the most interesting topic that we have covered in this course have to be sculptures, specifically sculptures made out of marble. During my visit to the Walters Art Museum, located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, I saw many precious works of art. The two pieces that caught my attention the most were statues titled “Apollo Victorious over the Python” and “Hermaphroditus”. I have previously come across those two names in mythology books. Apollo and Hermaphroditus are known as deities in mythology history. It was intriguing to finally see the characters in person. A sculpture is a three dimensional work of art. The sculpture process is one of the oldest and most enduring of all arts. The different methods of making sculptures are; carving, modeling, casting, construction and assemblage, installation art and earthworks. The carving method is a technique in which material is removed, revealing the final form. The modeling method is a technique where the material is built up to the final form. The casting technique uses a mold; milted liquid is poured into the mold ones the liquid hardens the sculpture is created. The two basic processes of sculptures are, subtractive and additive. The subtractive process begins with a mass of material. The carving technique is used to subject the material to create the final form. The additive process adds materials together to create the final form. Sculptures are expressed in three basic forms; relief, in the round, and as an environment....
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