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The Night
This represents a part of the post-World War I movement, Neue Sachlichkeit, or New Objectivity. His use of colour is very dark with only a few specks of bright colour with is appealing to the painting as a whole as it is picturing a dark part of the world war. The people in the paint aren’t looking in the same direction bring no focus on a particular part of the painting, showing theirs a story behind each section of the painting. The use of black to define each person as well as to blot out the background makes a dark, mysterious effect that adds to the emotion in the people’s faces of pain and suffering. Party in Paris

This painting is slightly brighter than his usual painting, but the facial expression of most of the people here is mainly unamused, making the colours slightly exaggerated. Also the colour black in this painting is on the clothing of the men adding to their emotion of depression. Also in this painting, no one is looking in a particular direction but they are all stand in as a crowd, bringing no attention to a particular section. Also the bright colours are spread throughout the whole painting making the bright and dark colours balanced, in my opinion. Family Picture

This is another painting which all of the people involved facial expression is bored and depressed. Unlike the emotion, the colour scheme is very bright and colourful which gives of a happy vibe. Also there is barely any use of black in this painting except to define each person and object with draws our eyes toward it. Also here no one is looking in a particular direction bringing no attention to a certain section. In this pictures the whole picture is crowded with objects and people making it full, and gives of a warm family vibe.
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