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Topics: Drawing, Pencil, Pen Pages: 1 (692 words) Published: October 22, 2014

I began my art journal by experimenting with the basics.
The basics of the human body are the bones and the muscles, therefore I attempted at making a sketch of both with the intention that it would help me in the future when drawing a person. I love how the abs turned out since the combination of the contours, shape and shading make them look really realistic. Nevertheless, I don’t think I am quite ready to create the whole muscular and skeletal system, as a whole yet since the amount of detail you have to consider is immense. Proportion wise, I am contented with both sketches. When I embarked upon drawing a human figure, I first did the basic mood lines as a base and guide. This aided me in presenting a moving figure. Since my art is inspired by fashion and design, I will thus attempt to connect allot of my experimentations with it. Consequently, after getting the hang of sketching a basic human figure I undertook drawing a ballerina by observing photography. This is due to the fact that ballerina’s have that lithe, muscular body which always seems to be in motion. Additionally, I wanted to add some type of simple clothing to the human figure; therefore, ballerinas are perfect with their simple, figure hugging leotards and slightly more challenging tutus. After I felt comfortable in most aspects of the basics in the drawings, if not all, I went all out, sketching an interpretation of a ‘street style’ model and a classic runway model. I first created the sketch of the street style model, which I am much more satisfied with, though, the reason for this is because it’s made with the use of pencil, while the runway model is made by the use of black pen and some colour pencils. Drawing with pen is much more difficult for me, therefore, that model sketch had much more faults, however minor, but the eyes were my biggest blunder. The tip of my pen was too thick and unfortunately I came by a black blob for the eyes. Furthermore, as I was done experimenting with...
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