" Art Is Quite Useless"- Oscar Wild

Topics: Oscar Wilde, Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Pages: 5 (2155 words) Published: August 28, 2013
In his preface, Oscar Wild dare to say that art is quite useless. "What do you mean art is useless?" was the first thing that came in my mind, "but art has so much meaning: it elevates our awareness of things, questions everything, contextualizes and re-contextualizes ideas, sharpens our appreciation for beauty, thought, and skill, it can define cultures, and is able to capture the essence and spirit of the time in which it’s made". It doesn't have only meaning but it is useful too. It is useful for our heart health. Art washes from soul the dust of everyday life. Constructing his argument that "all art is quite useless", Oscar Wilde suggests that when a piece of art beckons an array of criticism (it doesn’t matter if the criticism is good or bad), the work is established as "new, complex, and vital". He is not, however, denying it has meaning or value. In my opinion Art has always meaning. Everything that comes out of soul has a meaning so it has bigger value than other things. "Vital", which generally means essential, crucial, or fundamental, is a far cry from saying that something (in this particular case, art) is totally worthless. Art cannot be "used", it just "is". Maybe It's not like a furnace which is used to heat a house but it can heat a heart as well. Art is much more subjective and open to criticism than such things, and while it serves a multitude of purposes, it can never truly be worthy of being called "useful". It provides nothing absolute, or concrete, and so can never be accepted as an entirely credible source of knowledge but for me it is a wonderful food for my soul. Art has grown my soul and made me feel useful. There are people that feel useless, like they can't do nothing and then they discover their talent on art. One of them is me. I used to feel useless, good on nothing, but then I discovered my talent to paint. It changed me and my life. Art was a last desperate attempt for me to be able to exist in the world after trying very hard not to exist. Art makes me feel complete and everything I feel on my "inside", I throw it on paper and when it is completed I feel useful, powerful like I have a magic stick on my hand and I can do what I want. It's my world! Well imagine a world without colors, just black and white, a day without music, terribly worthless. In my opinion 'No Art, No Life'. The 'Earth' without art is just 'eh'. What can change your mood better than a beautiful music? A day can't start without art. It is in every part of our town, our house, in every room, in our bedroom and over all in us. Imagine to live in a house with no decoration, just some ugly chairs and ugly bed. It is impossible to live there. Without art we can't be called humans! Art has been appeared since the prehistory in the walls of caves. In this case art has served like a witness, to tell us how life had been. Art is a visual philosophy that cultivates thinking and builds on ideas. Oscar Wilde was widely recognized as a strong patron of the arts and he placed great value on the fruits of creativity –The Picture of Dorian Gray, from which the quotation being discussed is drawn, was a book full of his philosophical contemplations about art, many of them focusing on art’s insatiable need to be admired. He states: "We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely". Hence, art is not "used", according to Wilde, it's "admired". It's placed on display simply to be observed by an audience, and, subsequently, to be exposed to scrutiny and criticism. Since Wilde felt that art is made solely to be displayed and admired, he concludes his line of reasoning with the infamous (though appropriate ) statement, "All art is quite useless".

Now, I'm not saying Oscar Wilde was right in what he said, but I do think it's important for people to know that he wasn't simply discarding the notion that art is a valuable function in...
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