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Art: Is It Important or Not?

By hyueng Jan 23, 2012 471 Words
Some consider art as useless subject that does not teach us anything; only consider art as the entertainment. But arts could be very beneficial to us, it teaches us lesson such as history and culture, and allow us to feel the same feeling that artist felt. The main value of the arts is to teach us about the world around us. There are many meanings in the arts. The work of arts includes all the aspect of our society. The arts can express many feelings that we could not feel without it. There is countless emotions that human can feel. We may feel some but not all with out help of arts. Leonardo da Vinci is known for his paintings, one of the art works is called Mona Lisa. This work of art is just a painting of the woman without any artistic perspective. But it is not just a painting of a woman, because if it was we could not feel mysterious feeling. By looking at the Mona Lisa that Leonardo loved which took four years to finish; we can feel his will to finish this painting with perfection, we can feel is love toward this woman, and we can feel his sadness that come from the fact that she is already someone’s wife. Like this, we could feel the emotions that we might not have felt without work of arts. Arts teach us about the human emotions.

The music is one of many subjects of arts, and it is most popular one. There are people that listen to music just to party, but some music has meaning and teaches us history. For example R&B music; this music is originated from the African American that was enslaved by white people. They sang this song to relieve the pain or sing about the pain they felt. By listening to this kind of music, we can learn about the pain they felt and know the history when they were suppressed and enslaved. We can keep reminded that the enslaving people is bad thing and painful experience that we should not let anyone feel. Music teaches us about the history and also the emotions of creator of the music.

There might be a people that think art is useless and meaningless, but it is a fact that arts possess meaning and teaches us about the world. By looking at the work of art we can feel what artist wants us to feel, we can learn the history, and we can learn the culture of time period when artist lived or place where art originated from. Also, we can see what kind of emotions that people felt during the time period of when art was created. The art is shows every human can feel, and we must learn from it.

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