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Topics: North Carolina, Music, Graphic design Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: October 9, 2013
To whom it may concern,

   My name is Elijah C. Green, 19 years old, from Durham NC. I'm a local recording artist known as E-man, co-founder of the independent music group, H.I.P.P.I.E KLAN. (Humble Individuals Pushing Positively In Evolution). I have always had a love for art, various types, including music/audio production, graphic design, drawing/painting, etc. Art itself is a natural God given talent to me that I can not let go to waste. During high school, I started focusing on music and visual arts (graphic design and drawing), and obtaining different skills to really perfect my crafts. I began to buy recording studio equipment, software (Pro Tools, FL Studio, Photoshop, etc.), and started recruiting people to build my empire. At this time, we are now starting to become more locally known as we perform shows throughout North Carolina.

   Attending The Art Institute will most definitely be beneficial in many ways. The school 's main focus is Art, so that's a plus from the start, it's a high quality school, has state of the art technology which I could learn how to use/operate, excellent staff that are experienced at what they do, and it's close to home. I've taken a tour of the Raleigh-Durham location a while back, and I have to admit, I was amazed. It has that brand new professional look, wonderful art and photography on the walls created by students, and the information I received about the school's curriculum is great. I also learned about the internship opportunities and seen different people's success testimonials which made The Art Institute my top choice school. The staff I met seem like they really care about the students success. I really look forward to attending this school and I know for a fact that I will do my best and be successful in my future.
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