Art in My Life Today

Topics: Photography, Art, Image Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Art in My Life

I can't really say I know very much from the world of Art. I do know I look at things in a different view from a lot of people and see beauty in objects and backgrounds that others simply ignore or don't notice. My personal love is photography, of all kinds. Many don't see photography as an art form because photographers don't sculpt, paint, draw or weld it. I believe it is because they show us many things at different angles and views that as a society we have been trained to not look at them in those ways.

Diane Arbus is one of my favorite photographers, her work was mostly portraits but she photographed people in a different way. She didn't pose people in the perfect manicured setting that is done when we want our family portraits done. Diane is most famous for her street photography and images of people from the “ Freak Show”. One of her most famous photos is of a boy at the park holding a hand grenade looking disturbed. What most people don't know about this image is that she asked the little boy if she could take his picture and the angered look came from his impatience of waiting on her to set up her equipment because in Diane’s day it was true black and white photography not digital. You can see one of Diane Arbus' portrait albums at this web address, I am hoping this course will broaden my knowledge of the art world.
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