Art Image Essay

Topics: Color, Primary color, Red Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: April 18, 2007
Image Essay

The image is by Ronnie White, the titled Vuarnet. The image appears to be from the point of view of a prisoner in a jail cell. It includes a view of his legs and the whole perspective, the occupant's, implied eye level. From this view you see the basis of a prisoner's life, his bed, his urinal, bare necessities of life. The whole picture looks very enclosed because there is very little color in the piece. It is mostly all black, white and shades of grey. The colors in the image are the red floor, yellow door and can, and a blue shirt. Looking at the image, in the upper left hand corner, the viewer sees a figure that is enclosed by bars. Moving to the right, faces appear on the wall. Continuing to look right, a mirror is above a sink with a washcloth. There is a urinal below the sink and to the right of the urinal is a trashcan. Then there are more towels, a yellow door and behind the door it seems as if there are more bunk beds. A blue shirt hangs from the top of the bunk bed. On the bottom bunk bed are legs that are not very colorful with white socks and tennis shoes. To the left of the bed on the red floor are grey sandals and to the left of the sandals is a chest that is closed. On top of the closed chest is a yellow can. The image was made by using a pen. Even with using a pen, still every aspect of the image is very detailed. The artist used stippling in very good detail.

This image shows an inmate in a jail cell. The inmate is lying on his bed which is the lower part of a bunk bed. His legs are white and hairy, and he is wearing tall white socks and white tennis shoes that are untied. The socks and shoes are probably part of his uniform that he has to wear in jail.

There is not much color throughout the picture, but the main color that stands out is red. The red is on the floor to the left of the inmate and behind the bunk bed. The color red can represents anger and frustration.

On the walls you can see many faces that...
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