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Topics: Culture, African people, Yoruba people Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: October 13, 2013

1. Compare and contrast two sculptures from the African chapters in your textbook. Be sure to include an iconographic and iconological analysis in your response. Do not forget to write in your own words. (5 points)

The first sculpture or carved figure I am explaining, comparing, and contrasting is the Spirit Spouse. The Spirit Spouse is used to decorate with jewelry, take care with oil, and pray to. This particular African culture believes that you were in past life before the one we are currently living in. This culture believed that everyone had a spirt spouse. This replica is supposed to represent the spirt spouse in our previous lives. The better the figure looks is a indication that the owner takes care of the figure and praises it as well.

For my iconographic response the figure shows different “beauty” marks that are intended to attract a spirit. Also the fine detail in the way to figure is carved, (as if it is standing, sitting, or holding their stomach) this shows also a great amount of significance when looked at in an iconographic perception. The glass beads and patterns that are added to the figure show the cultures history along with the different carved details that show the different art, symbols, and patterns in the African culture.

For my iconological response I interpreted from reading the section over the Spirt Spouse that this figure is a strong part of this culture. They believe that their spouse that they were once can be praised through this figure. Also this figure along with the spiritual side the material that is put on the figure represents the culture and they beliefs as well. The beads were probably made from the tribe, along with the plant fibers and the gold hollow beads.

The second sculpture I viewed was the Olowe of Ise Palace Door. This door is a great sight to see boosting a great amount of detail. With the left side showing different faces along with different expressions is the first...
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