Art: Human Response to One's Environment

Topics: Color, Primary color, Color wheel Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: April 19, 2011
ArtMans human response to his eenvironment, frustrations, hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties. AestheticsThe branch of philosophy concerned with the feelings aroused in us by sensory experiences such as seeing and hearing. Aesthetics examines, among other things, the nature of art and the nature of beauty. PaleolithicOld Stone Age

MegalithA very large stone
NeolithicNew Stone Age
ArtisanA person skilled in a particular craft
PatronSomeone that supports, appreciates, and buys art.
RealismBroadly, any art in which the goal is to portray forms in the natural world in a highly faithful manner. Specifically, an art style of the mid-19th century, identified especially with Gustave Courbet, which fostered the idea that everyday people and events are fit subjects for important art. AbstractDescriptive of art in which the forms of the visual world are purposefully simplified, fragmented, or otherwise distoted. Tromp l'oeilFrench for "fool the eye"

NonobjectiveDescriptive of art that does not represent or otherwise refer to the visible world outside itself. IconographyThe identification, description, and interpretation of subject matter in art. MediaA specific type of artistic technique or means of expression as determined by the materials used or the creative methods employed. StyleA characteristic, or a number of characteristics, that we can identify as constant, recurring, or coherent. In art, the sum of such characteristics associated with a particular artist, group, or culture, or with an artist's work at a specific time. CompositionThe organization of lines, shapes, colors, and other art elements in a work of art. More often applied to 2-D art; broader term is design. ContentWhat a work of art is about, its subject matter as interpreted by a viewer ContextThe personal and social circumstansed surrounding the making, viewing, and interpreting of a work of art; the varied connections of a work of art to the larger world of...
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