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Topics: Jesus, Sculpture, Christianity Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: October 11, 2014
term used to describe painting or painted decoration on the surface of sculpture polyptych
An altarpiece or devotional work of art made of several panels joined together, often hinged so that its wings can be opened and closed as appropriate during Christian religious worship.  post and lintel

a basic type of architecture in which upright elements (posts) support a horizontal member (lintel).  With this type of construction, the distance between the supports is determined by the weight and strength of the lintel. relic

a body part or object that belonged to, was touched by, or otherwise associated with a holy figure.  Such objects were thought to have inherent powers of healing and protection. relief sculpture
form of sculpture in which the ornaments or figures are attached to a background, from which they stand out to a greater or lesser degree (this is referred to as "high relief" or "low relief").  It is commonly used for architectural decoration, and also for pictorial narration. reliquary

a container for storing or displaying sacred relics such as the (alleged) bones of saints, pieces of the Cross on which Christ was crucified. Often constructed from precious materials meant to emphasize the holiness of the relics themselves. rib vaulting

a style of vault in which projecting surface arches, known as ribs, are raised along the intersections of segments of the vault. Ribs may provide architectural support as well as decoration to the vault’s surface. sculpture in the round

form of sculpture in which a figure or subject is carved on all sides, usually designed to be appreciated such that you could walk around the work (or turn it in your hand) and view it from all angles. Sedes Sapientiae (Throne of Wisdom)

a devotional title for the Virgin Mary as well as a category of iconic image. In representations of the Throne of Wisdom, Mary is seated frontally on a throne with the Christ Child on her lap, emphasizing Mary in her role as the mother...
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