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Over the weekend I went to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, they had interesting exhibits on The Art of Van Cleef & Arpels and Revolution to Romanticism. As I walked through the exhibit of Van Cleef, the jewelry they had was exquisite and each piece had its own form of history to it. They had jewelry that Grace Kelly wore on her wedding day, which were a set of pearls that had a diamond in the middle of them they were so beautiful to look at. After finishing this exhibit, the next room had a exhibit on Revolution of Romanticism Freedom of Expression in 19th century European Painting. This exhibit had many beautiful paintings on Romanticism, and many grabbed my attention, but one that I was drawn to the most was an artwork by Herbert James Draper. The piece of art was called Contemplation, and it’s a full–length portrait done in the grand manner. The woman in the painting is sitting down on a couch in a room and is surrounded by luxurious items that convey nobility and wealth. She almost looks sad since she has a pensive face on or she might be thinking of something that happened in her past. The woman is draped in Grecian attire and has pearls around her neck. Her hair is up and has a gold headband on. The texture of the painting is oil on canvas and the colors are dark pigments. The whole background of the painting is dark so the lightest thing is focused on her or on her Grecian style dress. The date of the painting is during the 1900, and is by the British painter named Herbert James Draper. The reason I chose was because it made me think that even though this royal may have had everything, but she was not happy with her life. And in the painting it illustrates how she has everything because things such as make up and jewelry, which are a sign of wealth, surround her. That’s how I feel the art spoke to me and it also symbolizes that money can’t buy happiness.

A brief history on how Romanticism and how it started was due to the movement...
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