Art History 22

Topics: Neolithic, Bronze Age, Paleolithic Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: October 14, 2008
1.What are the subjects of the early cave paintings and for what reason, the archeologists believe they were painted? Use examples from your assigned readings. The subjects were animals. The meaning behind the painting of caves was thought to be because humans have a built in desire to decorate their surroundings. Scientist also believed that’s cave paintings were to help clan bonds, rites, even had ceremonies around the paintings because they thought it would increase fertility in animals which would allow them to have more animals to feast on. Example: Chauvet, depicted horses and bears, panthers and mammoths and other animals. Included humans and handprints, grids and dots. Other examples included Pech-Merle, Altamira, and Lascaux.

2.What is a “memory image,” and what was its significance? Use examples. Memory images are generalized elements that reside in our standard memory of a human head. Its significance would be it helps in signifying what we see without eyes and what we can put into art form. An example would be Woman from Brassempouy. In this carving the artist captured the fundamental nature of a head. This piece of work is known as an abstract art form. Although the shapes and appearance of the carving is very much recognizable to what a real human head would look like.

3.What are the differences between the art of Paleolithic and Neolithic periods? Use examples from your assigned readings. Paleolithic art comprised of cave paintings, sculptures, and carvings, figurines, small artifacts, figurative art and nonfigurative art. Most art was made of different types of stone. Such as the bird heads, Man with Bison, Hall of Bulls, Woman from Brassempouy, and Lion-Human. As for Neolithic periods, art in this time comprised of architecture, sculpture and pottery and ceramic type art. Some examples of the art in this era included the Skara Brae, Stonehenge, vessels, and Horse and sun chariot and schematic drawing of incised design

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