Art Henry Moore

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Henry Moore

Aimy Tran
Mr. Cox
Period 1

Henry Moore was an English sculptor and artist who was known for his abstract bronze sculptures. Moore was born on July 1819 in Castleford, Yorkshire. He attended infant and elementary schools in Castleford, where he began modeling in clay and carving wood. He decided to become a sculptor after hearing Michelangelo’s achievements. Moore was granted a scholarship to Castleford Secondary School after a teacher had noticed his interest and talent in medieval sculpture. He determined to make art his career. His art teacher broadened his knowledge of art. When Moore turned eighteen, he was called to the army. After the war, he received an ex-serviceman’s grant to continue his education. In 1919, he became the first student of sculpture at the Leeds School of Art. In 1921, Moore won a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Art in London. His knowledge of primitive art and sculpture extended. In 1929, he married Irina Radetsky, and they lived in Kent where he could work during the Royal College holidays. He was obsessed with the idea of direct carving. Moore and his wife moved to London where they met Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth, and the critic Herbert Read. Moore was interested in Surrealism, when Nicholson was interested in Constructivism. In 1936, Moore’s work was first seen in the USA. It was included in an exhibition entitled Cubism and Abstract Art, at the Museum or Modern Art in New York. Moore's early work is focused on direct carving, in which the form of the sculpture evolves as the artist repeatedly whittles away at the block. In the 1930s, Moore's transition into modernism paralleled that of Barbara Hepworth; the two exchanged new ideas with each other and several other artists then living in Hampstead. Moore made many preparatory sketches and drawings for each sculpture. Most of these sketchbooks have survived and provide insight into Moore's development. He placed great importance on drawing;...
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